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0.56 inch Single Digit Seven Segment Display - Green (Common Anode)

0.56 inch Single Digit Seven Segment Display - Green (Common Anode)

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A seven-segment display (SSD) is a type of electronic display device for displaying decimal numbers that is less complicated than dot matrix displays. The section is made up of seven LED lines or segments. The display's parts light up in various configurations to display numbers from 0 to 9. The code or any encoder-decoder IC that delivers the command to light LEDs to make combinations and display numbers. We've had little 7-segment displays and large 7-segment displays for a long time, but now we have something in the middle. The 1 × 7-segment digits on these common-anode displays include one decimal point per digit. The LEDs have a maximum forward current of 20mA and a forward voltage of 1.9VDC. Many modern consumer gadgets, such as microwave ovens, washing machines, and air conditioners, employ seven section displays. They are a simple but effective way to display numerical data like time or quantity. Since they are made out of LEDs, they are a low-cost option for displaying information. They are widely appreciated for their features like accuracy, clarity, and optimum functionality.


  • Bright Green LED chip
  • Type: Common Anode
  • Low Current Consumption
  • High Brightness
  • Easy to Use with PCB Mounting as well as on Breadboard
Colour Parrot Green
Operating Current 10mA
Type Common Anode
No. of Pins 10
Display Size 0.56 inch
Number of Digits 1
Size 19x12.6x12.2mm