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35N60C3 650V Power Transistor

35N60C3 650V Power Transistor

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35N60C3 is a power transistor which is mainly used in power-switching applications. It's used for fast switching applications like SMPS, UPS, Inverter and other general switching applications. Its drain-source voltage is 650V, and its drain current is 34.6A.


  • High-speed switching 
  • Avalanche energy rated (UIS)
  • New revolutionary high-voltage technology
  • Ultra low gate charge
  • Periodic avalanche rated
  • Extreme dv/dT rated
  • Ultra low effective capacitances 
  • Improved transconductance
Model 35N60C3
Type  Power Transistor
Package TO-247AC
VDS 650V
Pulsed drain current (Id pulse) 103A
Gate source voltage 20V
Max. power dissipation (Pd) 313W
Storage temperature range -55~150 (degree C)