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12V DC 433 MHz 1 Channel RF Transmitter and Receiver Remote Control Relay

12V DC 433 MHz 1 Channel RF Transmitter and Receiver Remote Control Relay

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Wireless relay module using a remote control to switch a relay using a remote. It can be used as a Single channel wireless switch. QIACHIP's RF Transmitter Remote and RF Receiver Relay Switch Pair are used to provide remote access of appliances to the user within a range of 50 meters line of sight. You can use it to control garage doors, lights, fans, etc. This device is excellent for wireless communication over a short distance. 

Applications: Garage Door, Household Electrical Appliances, RGB lights
Reference distance: 10 Meter (This is the theory distance in an open environment without interference, practical application due to the interference environment and decreased)
Characteristic: Double control(wall switch function and control function),safety(the shell applies to the fire-retardant material),easy installation(just wire connection)

Package Includes: 

  • RF Receiver Module
  • RF Transmitter (Remote)
  • Plastic Case for Receiver
Number of Channels 1 (One)
Operating Voltage 12V DC
RF Frequency 433 MHz 
Receiver Sensitivity >97 dBm
Dimension (LxWxH) 35x30x16.6 mm
Support remote control type  Fixed code, learning code