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5 Pin JST Connector Male (90 degree) - 2.54mm Pitch

5 Pin JST Connector Male (90 degree) - 2.54mm Pitch

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It's a 5 Pin JST Connector Male (90 degree) - 2.54mm Pitch. This connector serves a variety of functions, including providing AC power to PCs and lab equipment, connecting CCTV cameras and other electronic devices, operating various forms of remote-control vehicles (cars, boats, and planes), and in DIY Projects.
  • JST 5 Pin Connector Plug 90 Degree 
  • These are often referred to as “JST” or “BEC” Connectors and are commonly used for battery and motor connections on small electric planes.
  • Connector | JST Cable Connectors | JST-XH Connector | JST XH Connector | 2.54 mm Pitch JST connector | 5 Pin JST | JST Connector Right Angle pins | 5 Pin JST Male Connectors. 
Type  JST-XH
Variant Male 90 degree (L Shape Connector)
Pitch  2.54 mm 
Number of Pins 5
Colour  White/Yellow
Quantity 20 Pieces