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9 Pin 2.54mm pitch Male and Female Relimate Connector 2510

9 Pin 2.54mm pitch Male and Female Relimate Connector 2510

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It's a 9 Pin 2.54 Male and Female Relimate Connector .The 9 Pin RMC Relimate Cable Pitch 2.54mm is ideal for use as a power connector, sensor connector, or any general-purpose connection that needs to be protected from an incorrect connection or reverse polarity. The connector comes with a compatible male connector that can only be mated in one direction. The 2.54mm pitch male connector can be easily soldered onto a standard prototype board. Relimate connectors are another type of wire-to-board connector that is commonly found on DEV or micro-controller boards. Relimate connectors with female connectors on both sides can be used as inter-circuit programming cables. There are also polarised male connectors included. Relimate connectors, also known as RMCs, are widely used in the electronic industry. 


  • Relimate Wired Connector
  • Pitch: 2.54mm
  • Safe and easy to install.
  • 9 pin Male and Female Relimate Connector 


  1. AC power supply to PCs and lab equipment.
  2. Used in all types of RCs( cars, boats, planes).
  3. Also used in CCTV connections, pick-ups, etc.
Product Type RMC relimate connector 
No. of pins 9
Wire Length 26cm
Spacing in pins 2.54mm
Material (insulating) Plastic
Connector Gender Male and Female