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Bourns 3006P 100 ohm Potentiometer

Bourns 3006P 100 ohm Potentiometer

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It is a high-end Bourns preset. It's a PCB/Breadboard mountable preset known as potentiometers, trimpots, and other names, but it's simply a variable resistor. This preset must be cranked ten times to alter the resistance from 0 to full range, providing higher precision in obtaining the needed resistor.
Three leads are coming out of it. The resistance between the outer two pins is always 100 ohm. In contrast, the resistance between the external pins and the centre pin fluctuates from 0 to 100 ohm as the potentiometer screw rotates.
This potentiometer may also be used to generate a variable voltage and as a variable resistor. Connect the outer two pins to VCC and GND to use this potentiometer as a variable resistor. The middle pin outputs a variable voltage between 0 (GND) and VCC as the potentiometer is spun.

Brand Bourns
Product Type Multiturn Potentiometer
Model 3006P 101
Max. Resistance 100 ohm
tolerance 10%
Temperature -55°C to 125°C
Size 20.8x5x6.6mm