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Breadboard 830 Points for Solderless Prototyping

Breadboard 830 Points for Solderless Prototyping

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The breadboard has 830 points that are used to plug for making connections between electronic components. They don’t accommodate things that are too closely spaced rows of pins such as the header on the Raspberry Pi. The Breadboard consists of 830 tie points. It has 83 columns of 10 holes in which a double strip for 630 tie points which are separated into two pairs by a central notch and 200 points in the power lanes. It is a solderless and re-usable breadboard that Is great for prototyping, testing and creating add-on modules or new circuits. 


  • Accepts most electronic components, including integrated circuits and transistors for digital and/or Analog circuitry
  • It has about 0.1" hole spacing
  • It is ideal for high frequency and low noise circuits
  • It is used to prototype and test circuit designs
  • Its components are easily interconnected using jumper wires 
  • The board includes interlocking parts so multiple boards can be connected together
Tie Points 830
Colour  White
Power lanes 2
Total tie points in Double strip 630