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C4237 10A NPN Switching Power Transistor

C4237 10A NPN Switching Power Transistor

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Its C4237 10A NPN Switching Power Transistor, its used in switching applications mostly like in SMPS, UPS, Inverter, motor control, Snubber, Power supply switching circuit, General switching applications etc. It has three terminal, Its case is MTO-3P. Its mounting style is Through hole. 



  • Its storage temperature is -55 to 150 degree centigrade
  • Its switching speed is too fast
  • Its junction temperature is 150 Degree centigrade
  • Its emitter to base voltage is 800V
  • Its collector to base voltage is 1200V 
Model  C4237 
Type  Transistor
Collector Current 10A
Package TO-3P
Base Current 4A
Mounting Torque 0.8nm
Power Dissipation 150W