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SCT-013 100A Non-Invasive Current Sensor

SCT-013 100A Non-Invasive Current Sensor

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This non-invasive current sensor (also known as a "split-core current transformer") can be clamped around an electrical load's supply line to determine how much current is flowing through it. It accomplishes this by functioning as an inductor and reacting to the magnetic field created by a current-carrying conductor. You may compute how much current is going through the conductor by reading the amount of current produced by the coil. This sensor differs from other typical sensors as it does not require cutting the wire for measuring current. Simply clamp it and you're ready to go. SCT-013 Split Current Core Transformers that is used to measure alternating current up to 100 Amperes. They're especially useful for calculating the total electricity consumption of a building. These are ideal for DIY projects since they can be clipped directly onto the live or neutral wire going into the building without requiring any high-voltage electrical work.


  • Non-linerity±3%(10%—120% of rated input current)
  • 1 Meter leading wire
  • Standard 3.5 three-core plug output.
  • Core material: ferrite
  • UL94-V0 flame retardant properties


  • Used for current measurement
  • Monitoring and protection for AC motor, Lighting equipment, air compressor etc.
Model SCT-013
Max. Input Current 100A
Frequency 50Hz-150Hz
Output Plug 3.5mm Jack
Rated Input Current 50mA
Output Voltage 0-1V DC
Working Temperature -25°C to 70°C
Cable Length 1 Meter