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DC-DC 5V LDO Linear Regulator Module

DC-DC 5V LDO Linear Regulator Module

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The DC-DC LDO is a TO-220 form factor DC-DC Module. This is pin-to-pin compatible and is intended to replace existing linear regulators such as the LM7805.
The main benefit of using this DC-DC is that it reduces the heat generated in the Linear Regulator (LDO) and reduces the design size because it eliminates the need for a separate heatsink on your board.

Pinout Details

  1. Input
  2. Ground
  3. Output


  • Uses Texas Instruments DC-DC Converter IC
  • Compact size: 16mm x 13mm
  • Peak Efficiency: >91%
  • DC-DC operates at ~600Khz
  • Protections: O/P short circuit(hiccup)/Thermal
  • 100% of modules are tested in India at full load before shipping
Part No  CE-DC-DC-LDOA-5.0
DC-DC LDO Linear Regulator Module
Type Linear Regulator
Mode DC-DC
Input Voltage 6.5V to 15V DC
Output Voltage 5.0V
Output Current 1.2A
Power ~6 Watt
Make  Make in India