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Electret Microphone 9.6mm Through-hole

Electret Microphone 9.6mm Through-hole

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This Voice microphone is Multi-Channel and is suitable for mobile phones, telephones, tape recorders, voice-activated toys, computers, and other products. The sensitivity is in accordance with the IEC standard. An Electret Condenser Microphone is one of the most common types of transducers that are used to detect or measure sound signals. It is used in noise detectors, sound recorders, activity monitors mobiles, Digital Cameras, etc. You can use it with your DIY projects with any development board like Arduino etc or couple it with any ADC which converts the signal from analog to digital which can be further read by your microcontroller and acted upon accordingly.


  • SMD SMT PCB Surface mount, cylinder-shaped
  • It is a converted voice signal to electrical signals energy conversion device
  • Widely used in the cassette recorder, wireless microphone, and voice control circuits
  • With high resistance to vibration, high signal to noise ratio
  • Low noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Suitable for a wide variety of Electronic products 

  • Specifications

    Operating Voltage

    2V to 10V

    Current consumption

    0.5mA (max)

    Recommended operating voltage


    Operating Frequency

    20Hz to 16,000Hz



    Microphone sensitivity

    56 – 58DB