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ESP32 WIFI Bluetooth UNO D1 R32 4MB Flash Micro USB Development Board

ESP32 WIFI Bluetooth UNO D1 R32 4MB Flash Micro USB Development Board

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This board is assembled with an ESP-WROOM-32 Module and has the standard UNO size and connectors. This ESP32 WiFi Bluetooth UNO D1 R32 Development Board comes with 4MB of flash storage and a Micro USB port. The ESP-WROOM-32(ESP-32S) is a WiFi and Bluetooth module based on the ESP32 chip by ESPRESSIF. The ESP32 chip includes a dual-core processor, 448 KByte ROM, 520 KByte SRAM, 16 KByte SRAM in RTC, 802.11 b/g/n/e/I Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.2 BR/EDR & BLE, clocks & Times, various peripheral interfaces, and a security mechanism. Many other platforms, including Arduino, can be used to create software. It is designed for Generic low power IoT sensor hub, loggers, video steaming for camera, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth enabled devices, Home automation and mesh network applications, aimed at makers, hardware engineers, software engineers and solution provides. With less than ten external components, the ESP32 is the industry's most integrated solution for Wi-Fi + Bluetooth applications. The antenna switch, RF balun, power amplifier, low noise receive amplifier, filters, and power management modules are all integrated into the ESP32. The ESP32 board has a D1 Mini profile, making it similar to their ESP8266 D1 Mini devices and other smaller Arduino boards in terms of shape. It's an updated version of the popular Arduino UNO R3 board. This is the Wemos D1 R32, an Arduino Uno-compatible ESP32 development board. It has a clock speed of up to 240MHz and two dual-core, one for wireless functions and the other for user functions. This is significantly faster than the ESP8266. Although it is a 3.3V system, the Arduino UNO form factor should allow you to use most of the shields available. 


  • Standard UNO size and headers
  • 4 MByte SPI Flash
  • 448 KByte ROM
  • 520 KByte SRAM
  • Power Supply: DC 5V to 12V
  • Micro USB Connection 
  • Compatible with Arduino
Power Supply 5V-12V DC
Memory Size  8
USB type Micro USB
Wireless Technology WiFi, Bluetooth
Size 68.8x53.8x12.8mm