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HCNW4506 Gate Drive Interface Optocoupler IC

HCNW4506 Gate Drive Interface Optocoupler IC

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HCNW4506 is a logic output optocouplers. The HCNW4506 includes an AlGaAs LED. The LED is optically coupled to an integrated high-gain photodetector. Because of the reduced propagation delay difference between devices, this optocoupler is an excellent solution for improving inverter efficiency through reduced switching dead time.
By shorting output pins 6 and 7, an on-chip 20 k ohm output pull-up resistor can be enabled, removing the need for an external pull-up resistor in common IPM applications.

  • Performance specified for common IPM applications over industrial temperature range: -40°C to 100°C
  • Fast maximum propagation delay (PHL)= 480 nstPLH = 550 ns
  • Minimized Pulse Width Distortion (PWD) = 450 ns
  • 15 kV/μs minimum common-mode transient immunity at VCM = 1500 V
  • CTR > 44% at IF = 10 mA
  • IPM isolation
  • Isolated IGBT/MOSFET gate drive
  • AC and brushless DC motor drives
Output Type
Integrated Photo IC
Number of Channels 1 Channel
Maximum Continuous Output Current
15 mA
Forward Current 20 mA
Forward Voltage 1.85 V
Reverse Voltage 3 V
Power Dissipation 145 mW
Min/Max operating temprature -40°C to 100° C
Dimensions 4mm*11.5mm*9mm
Weight 1 gm
Current transfer ratio 90%