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HFA50PA60C 600V Soft Recovery Diode

HFA50PA60C 600V Soft Recovery Diode

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HFA50PA60C Modern center tap ultrafast recovery diode, model. It boasts a fantastic combination of qualities that lead to performance that is unmatched by any rectifier previously available. It uses the most recent in epitaxial construction and superior processing techniques.


  • Its Ultrafast Soft recovery diode
  • Its package is TO-247AC-3L
  • It has small size
  • Its not too costly
  •  Reduced RFI and EMI
  • Reduced power loss in diode and switching transistor
  • Higher frequency operation
  • Reduced snubbing 
  • Reduced parts count


Model HFA50PA60C 
Brand International Rectifier
Package TO-247AC-3L
Type Diode
Cathode to anode voltage 600V
Temperature Range -55°C to +125°C
Mounting Type TH