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LTTH806SD 600V,8A Fast Recovery Diode

LTTH806SD 600V,8A Fast Recovery Diode

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LTTH806SD is a fast recovery diode; it's used for fast switching operations, it has a fast recovery time, and this feature makes it too fast to operate as a switch. It's an electronic switch there is no need for any mechanical movement for switching it operates with the help of an electric signal.


  • General switching applications
  • Improved dv/dt Capability
  • Fast Switching Speed
  • 100% Avalanche Tested
  • It has a small size
  • It's not too costly
  • Highly efficient
Model  LTTH806SD 
Type Diode
Package TO-220AC
Voltage 600V
Forward Voltage 3.4V
Reverse recovery time 21nS
Forward Current  8.0A