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MC33172 Single Supply 3.0V to 44V Operational Amplifier

MC33172 Single Supply 3.0V to 44V Operational Amplifier

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MC33172 is a monolithic op-amp in which high-quality bipolar fabrication and unique design principles are used. Without the usage of JFET device technology, these devices run at 180 A per amplifier and provide a gain-bandwidth product of 1.8 MHz and a slew rate of 2.1 V/s. Although this series can be run from split supplies, the common-mode input voltage includes ground potential, making it ideal for single-supply operation (VEE). These devices have a high input resistance, low input offset voltage, and high gain due to the Darlington input stage. High capacitance drive capability, excellent phase, and gain margins, low open-loop high-frequency output impedance, and symmetrical source/sink are all features of the NPN output stage, which has no deadband crossover distortion and a big output voltage swing. These op-amps are well specified under industrial and automotive ranges. And comes in both plastic and surface mountings.


  • Wide Supply Operating Range: 3.0 V to 44 V or +/-1.5 V to +/- 22 V
  • Wide Input Common-Mode Range, Including Ground (VEE)
  • Large Output Voltage Swing: -14.2 V to +14.2 V (with +/-15 V Supplies)
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • ESD Diodes Provide Input Protection for Dual and Quad
Supply Current  180µA (Per Amplifier)
Slew Rate  2.1 V/µs
Input Offset Voltage  2.0 mV
Capacitance Drive Capability  0 pF to 500 pF
Total Harmonic Distortion  0.03%
Phase Margin  60°C
Gain Margin  15dB