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Premium Pink & White Official Raspberry Pi 4 Case

Premium Pink & White Official Raspberry Pi 4 Case

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The case is divided into five sections, allowing you to snap in sides or tops depending on how you intend to use your Pi. There's an impressive pink top with a cut-out in the centre for more flexibility if you want a GPIO cable coming out of the top or want to add a hat. If you don't want to see your Pi, there's a white lid that conveniently fills the gap. Using this with HATs is possible, but it can be tricky. You can probably just plug it in and use it if you have a ‘slim' HAT, such as the Sense HAT, or a HAT or Bonnet with ‘short/slim' connectors. If your hat has ‘standard' 8.5mm tall headers, as most do, you can use the case by removing the pink and white top parts and only using the bottom sides.

Material ABS
Colour Pink and White
Case Type Raspberry Pi 4