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Professional Grade Universal Cable Cutter and Stripper

Professional Grade Universal Cable Cutter and Stripper

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Adjustable stripping blade for different insulation thickness prevents damage of shielding and conductors. This allows the user to match the wire size, which is important to avoid wire damage. Although a knife would also strip or cut the wires, it could also cause damage to the wire by nicking or cutting into it. Stripping wire with a knife is also extremely dangerous! The knife is prone to slipping and inflicting severe injuries.


  • Strips outer jacket of UTP and STP cable and CAT 5 round telephone cable
  • Strips RG-59/6/11/7 coaxial cable
  • Strips flat telephone cable
  • Cable cutter function


Material High Strength Steel and Durable Plastic
Strip Cables 4.5-25mm Diameter
Coaxial Cable RG-59/RG-6/RG-7/RG-11
Flat Wire 4P/6P/8P
Twisted Pair UTP/STP/Cat5e/Cat6