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Relay DC 24V 7A

Relay DC 24V 7A

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SPDT(Single Pole Double Throw) relay is used as a switch for high current AC/DC appliances which need to be controlled from a microcontroller or sensor output. 24V PCB Mount Sugar Cube SPDT Relay instead of its small size can switch a load of 7A connected to it. The coil resistance of this relay is 1.6k ohm whereas the coil current is 15 mA. The trigger voltage for this relay is 24V. There are 5 pins in this relay i.e, Coil end 1, Coil end 2, COM(common), NC and NO. Coil end 1 and Coil end 2 are used to trigger ON/OFF the relay. One end is connected to a 24V supply and the other is connected to the ground of the circuit. Common is connected to the one end of the load to be controlled. The other end of the load is connected to either NC or NO. If the load is connected to NC(Normally Closed) then the load remains ON before trigger. And if it is connected to NO(Normally Open) then the load remains OFF before trigger. These relays are usually used in home automation, switching circuits, security circuits, etc.


 Maximum AC load current 7A @ 250 VAC
Maximum DC load current 10A @ 30/28V DC
Trigger Voltage (Voltage across coil) 24V DC
Power Consumption 360mW