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Schneider RXM2AB1P7 230VAC 12A Miniature Plug in Relay

Schneider RXM2AB1P7 230VAC 12A Miniature Plug in Relay

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This Harmony RXM small plug-in relay features two changeover contacts that are DPDT (double pole double throw) and rated at 12A. The coil control voltage is 120V AC." It offers a wide variety of contacts for high-rated current use and a compact design. Moreover, a one-step lockable test button and a mechanical contact status indicator are provided. You may put it almost anywhere, and it helps to reduce enclosure space and boost machine reliability. The product is IP40 and includes a transparent cover that enables the operator to see the state of the contacts visually. "Compatibility with industrial programmable logic controllers for hard-wired logic automation systems to complement their features (PLCs).


  • Fit to customer needs, coverage of most general control panel applications
  • Easy to select, simple selection and wide availability
  • High performance ensuring machine and system availability
  • Convenient to use, easy status readiness trough mechanical indicator & LED; one-step lockable test button
Part Number RXM2AB1P7
Type Relay
Voltage 230V AC
Current 12A
Power Supply AC
Contacts Type 2C/O
Frequency 50/60Hz
Brand Schneider