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Single Cell 18650 Lithium Ion Battery Support Bracket

Single Cell 18650 Lithium Ion Battery Support Bracket

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Single Cell 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery Support Bracket made of flame retardant ABS+PC materials, with high-temperature resistance and crack resistance. There are slots on the edge of the holder that can be combined to create a battery pack of many different sizes and shapes; after welding nickel tabs, the pack can pass vibration testing without using any other connecting device that makes your battery pack Solid and Reliable.

18650 (18mm diameter and 65mm Length) is one of the most common cell sizes found worldwide.  So it can be easily replaced in any battery-powered application. We need many cells to build a battery pack to power the high power devices like your laptop, small RC cars, or even any small Digital circuit with many sensors and actuators.

These Single Cell brackets will allow you to quickly build your battery pack without the assistance of any professional. Simply stack them with their hooks in any number you want, and you have a 18650 battery holder. The connections can then be made with metal tapes/strips. Because each bracket can hold a single cell, you'll need two brackets for every single cell, one for the top and one for the bottom.

Compatible Battery 18650
Material ABS
Size 20.5x20.5x10mm
Diameter 18.4mm