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Solder Paste For Printed Circuit Board (SnPbBi)

Solder Paste For Printed Circuit Board (SnPbBi)

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Solder paste is used in the manufacturing of PCBs. It is a viscous semi-solid, composed of sticky flux and metal particles. Solder paste works as an adhesive, connecting surface components to pads on the board. It also provides the electrical and thermal connections.


Applications: Solder paste is used to manufacture printed circuit boards to connect surface mount components to pads on the board. It is also possible to solder through-hole pins in paste components by printing solder paste in and over the holes.


  • Its Self Life is 6 Months 
  • Its quantity is 500g
  • It must be stored at the temperature of 2 to 9 Degree Centigrade
  • The container must be closed when not in use
Part Number QY-LED 
Alloy SnPbBi
Self Life 6 Months
Type Solder Paste
Quantity 500g