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Single Touch sensor switch for mirror light 12V DC ZY-02

Single Touch sensor switch for mirror light 12V DC ZY-02

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Touch Control Sensor Switch for Mirror Light can be powered by simply supplying a 12VDC.This is an insulated touch sensor switch that can be used with LEDs that have protective covers such as glass, acrylic, plastic, or pottery. It has a switch control function to light up LED light from a single touch. The product is specially designed for smart light mirrors. It is suitable for the control of single mirror light.
The touch switch has a feature of backlight, according to this as the power gets supplied to the module the touch switch starts glowing blue and whenever the LED is switched on the blue color changes to white.

  • 12VDC IN+ AND 12VDC IN-, gets connected to the input 12VDC supply to power the module.
  • 12VDC OUT-(White) AND 12VDCOUT+(Red), gets connected to the LED strip.

Switches Installation Procedure:

1. On the mercury side of the mirror sand beating Or use the laser to carve out the icon of the switch button.
2. Remove the 3M sticker on the back of the bracket to facilitate the next step of pasting fixing installation.
3. Take the icon of the switch button as the centre, and stick the touch switch to the icon of the button.
4. After installation, touch the switch to power on, and the mirror can see the backlight icon.

Rated voltage: 12V DC
Rated Current 4A
Standby Current
Support Mirror Thickness: ≤5mm
Number of Wires 4
ON Colour White
OFF Colour Blue
Size: 53.2mmx34.4mmx10mm
Capacitive Touch Yes