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TTP224B Four-Channel Touch Detector IC

TTP224B Four-Channel Touch Detector IC

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TTP224N-BSB is a widely used 4-channel capacitive touch chip with up to 4 touch input ports and 4 direct output ports. SSOP16 small package with fast mode and low Power mode 2 kinds of operation modes, which can be selected by the pin to select the output level to be high effective or low effective. It is widely used in toys, consumer electronics and other applications that can replace traditional mechanical buttons or tact switches.

Pin Description

Pin No.   Pin Name Description Pin No.  Pin Name Description
1 TP0 Touchpad 1 Input Pin 9 MOT0 Key maximum on-time option - 1
2 TP1 Touchpad 2 Input Pin  10 VSS Negative Supply or GND
3 TP2 Touchpad 3 Input Pin 11 OD Output open-drain selection pin
4 TP3 Touchpad 4 Input Pin 12 SM Single or multi-key selection pin
5 AHLB Output Selection Pin 13 TPQ3 Direct output of Key Touchpad 4
6 VDD Positive Supply 16 TPQ2 Direct output of Key Touchpad 3
7 TOG Output Type Selection Pin 17 TPQ1 Direct output of Key Touchpad 2
8 LPMB Low Power/Fast Mode Selection 18 TPQ0 Direct output of Key Touchpad 1



  • Built-in voltage regulator circuit provides stable voltage for touch detection circuit. 
  • The fastest response time of KEY is 100ms in fast working mode and 200ms in low power working mode.
  • Each KEY sensitivity can be adjusted separately by an external capacitor (1~50pF).
  • Provide LPMB port selection fast working mode or low power working mode. 
  • Provides direct output mode, latched output mode, open-drain output, CMOS active-high or active-low output, selected via TOG/OD/AHLB port. 
  • The reference value is refreshed every 1 second in the first 8 seconds of the IC power-on. If the Key is touched or after 8 seconds, it is re-sampled every 4 seconds.
Type Four-channel touch key sensing
Operating Voltage 2.5V - 5.5V DC 
Operating current 2.5uA in low power mode
Maximum Operating Current 9.0uA in Fast mode
Response Time 100ms at fast mode and 200ms at low power mode
Sensitivity Adjustable using an external capacitor (0-50 pF)
IC Package SSOP16