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Vibration/Shock Sensor module

Vibration/Shock Sensor module

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This is Vibration/Shock sensor module can be used for various vibration trigger functions, including reported theft alarms, smart cars, electronic building blocks, and more. Please be aware that normally open vibration sensor modules may induce a very slight vibration when the trigger time is very brief, which is insufficient to operate the relay and renders some information displays ineffective when connected directly to the relay module. While the product is not vibrating, the vibration switch is kept in the off position, the output is high, and there is no green light. But, when the product is vibrating, the vibration switch enters the momentary conduction mode, the output end is low, and there is a green indicator light. SW-18020P Vibration Sensor is a really simple vibration switch, it is used commonly in electronics toys, alarm, domestic appliance, electronics devices, smart home system. 


  • Its operating voltage is 3.3V-5V
  • It has LM393 IC 
  • It has four pins- AO, DO, GND, VCC
  • It has one hole for mounting purpose and the diameter of the hole is 3.5mm
  • Its made in India
Model MH-Sensor Series
Type Vibration Sensor
Voltage  3.3V-5V
No of hole 1
No of Terminal 4
IC  LM393
Dimension 47x8x13mm
Make India