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XL4015E1 Constant Current/Constant Voltage 5A Lithium Charger DC-DC Step Down Adjustable Module

XL4015E1 Constant Current/Constant Voltage 5A Lithium Charger DC-DC Step Down Adjustable Module

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XL4015 Power Module as the name suggests is a PWM fixed frequency DC to DC Buck power module. XL4015 Step-Down Buck Power module operates on 180 kHz but still provide smaller sized filter components and is capable to drive a load of 5A with load regulation, high efficiency and low ripple. XL4015 DC-DC Step Down Module comes with onboard CC(Constant Current) and CV(Constant Voltage) control feature which is very handy in applications like battery charger or power supply. This Constant Current and Constant Voltage feature is implemented by adding 78L05 fixed voltage regulator, TL431 precision shunt regulator and an LM358 operational amplifier to the circuit. There are three LEDs on the module.

First LED from input connector is used to indicate CC(Constant Current) and the other two LEDs indicate battery charging and battery full while the module is used as a battery charger. When the module is used as a power supply the battery charging LED indicates LOAD ON. Two multi-turn Trim Pots are also there which are used to adjust output current and output voltage. When these trimpots are turned in a clockwise direction, the output voltage and output current increases and if the trimpots are turned in anticlockwise direction then the output decreases. The PWM control circuit is able to adjust the duty ratio linearly from 0 to 100%. An overcurrent protection function is also built inside the module. The operation frequency is reduced to 48KHz from 180KHz when a short protection function happens. XL4015 Power Module provides very high efficiency up to 96%. This module can function flawlessly even in extreme conditions as the operating temperature for the module is -40°C to 85°C. This module is primarily used as a battery charger or power supply in different circuits like LCD monitors and high power audio-based circuits.

Input Voltage 4V-38V 
Output Voltage  0.8V -36V
Output current Adjustable up to 5A
Maximum Output Power 75W
Modular nature Non-isolated buck module
Rectification method Asynchronous rectifier
Maximum Eefficiency 96% (highest)
Voltage regulation ±2.5%
Operating Temperature -40 ~ + 85 degrees
Working Frequency 140 KHz
Dimension (mm) 51 * 26.3 * 14