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YAGEO 1500pf 1.5nf 50V 1206 SMD Capacitor (Pack of 4000)

YAGEO 1500pf 1.5nf 50V 1206 SMD Capacitor (Pack of 4000)

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It's a YAGEO 1500pf/1.5nf 50v of 1206 package SMD type capacitor. This multilayer ceramic capacitor has a fixed value and ceramic material act as the dielectric. This ceramic capacitor is used in transmitter station, high density application, Power circuit breaker, brushes of dc motor, and various electronics circuit board. 


  • It has a small size with higher capacitance value 
  • It has a lead-free terminal 
  • It has high electrical precision 
  • It has good electrical stability and reliability 
Product 152 50V 1206 SMD Capacitor 
Type  Ceramic capacitor 
Brand  YAGEO 
Mounting Type SMD
Voltage 50V 
Capacitance  1500pf/1.5nf
Package  1206
Quantity  4000
Tolerance  10%